Monday, 18 June 2012


Agios-Stéfanos a village in the mountains. Where the people live a very quite and simple life.
Where flowers and lots of trees surround the village.
And where that one road takes every visitor to the middle of the square.
Where a lost tourist can mix with the locals and the foreigners who are proud to be an Stefaniotis.

At Zoë!!!

Filip & Tony enjoying them selves at Zoë 's Cafeneon

venus transit 2012

Venus transit June 2012 at the old school-building at Agios-Stéfanos.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Accultation of jupiter by moon

15 July will 2012 at 04h35 an accultation of Jupiter by moon takes place. This is second of totally fourteen accultations for the year, and is also the first central one. It will be observable before sunrise from most locations in Europe and the north-east Africa. starts at 04h35. opportunity to view this phenomenon from sasteria in Agios-Stéfanos.