Monday, 1 October 2012

The bazaar was a great success !!

The bazaar in the village of Agios-Stéfanos was a great hit.
Great weather no wind at all!
Every body was in a good mood!
Lots of items for sale from from tiny things to big things
Also people that brought  items that they made them selves.
All kinds of nationality's as well as Greeks came to take a look, the locals just loved it.
After there was music at Zoë's cafeneon first, this with the kids from the music-school.
Later music at Petroula's  guitar by Tony a range of English sing a longs.
And on the square opposite of the church there was bouzouki with the traditional songs by Filip.

Some people came all the way from Agios-Nikolaos.
A lot from the surrounding area.

There where very good bargains to be done!

 Lots of happy faces !
A really good day !!
Next bazaar will be somewhere April/ May.
Who ever is already interrested to join the bazaar or want to be kept informed about it.
Do mail me !

More pictures to come!!!